Crypto investing
made simple

Market indices for the decentralized economy


Objective, transparent and methodology-driven indices to unlock and track crypto market exposures.

Tokenized, fully-collateralized investable assets to match any investment style.

Funds are always under your control and custody. Built using proven smart-contracts that secure over $100 million.

Our indices


Arch Ethereum Web3

The Arch Ethereum Web3 token tracks the largest governance tokens of the Ethereum universe, giving exposure to more than 70% of Ethereum market capitalization


Arch Blockchains

The Arch Blockchains token provides exposure to the native token of the largest blockchains of the world including Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Own the best of Web3

Diversified index products for the decentralized economy

Save time

Arch has done the hard work for you classifying the leading Web3 tokens into sectors, price factors and other exposures. Arch indices can be tokenized into investable assets in seconds.

Save money

Our products are self-rebalancing and help you save on network and exchange fees. Limiting the number of transactions generates potential tax advantages.


Often described as the “only free lunch” in finance, diversified index products can help you optimize your risk-adjusted returns

Robust and secure

Built using reliable data pipelines and proven tokenization technology (Set Protocol). Self-custody means you’re always in control over your assets.

Three steps to diversified investing

Connect your wallet

Create or connect your self-custody wallet. With Arch you always have control over your assets

Invest in an index token

Buy or mint a token using ETH, USDC or MATIC

Build your DeFi portfolio

Combine our index funds and create a unique strategy that match your investment goals



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