We make Web3 accessible to passive investors and newcomers

The decentralized economy (Web3) is transforming how information and value are exchanged. Innovative projects are re-imagining everything from digital property (NFTs), social networks, finance and even central banking.

These projects have issued native cryptocurrency tokens, which carry utility and also voting power, and speculators have rushed to acquire them. So far, the market has been dominated by crypto-native traders.

As more activity moves into web3, the stronger the case to bridge a broader investor base to these assets. Why should only insiders participate?


Intimidating, risky and time-consuming

There are 1,000s of tokens to choose from, with hundreds more listed every month. Market preferences shift rapidly. Staying on top of market developments requires a full-time effort.

Today, building and managing a well-diversified web3 portfolio demands actively trading dozens of tokens at costs many participants cannot bear. In consequence, many investors end up overexposed to only a handful of tokens, and often on the losing side of market swings, exploits and rugpulls.

At the same time, the space stills lacks the portfolio building tools and streamlined experiences found in traditional finance.

Arch will bridge the gap in web3 portfolio management


Objective, transparent and rigorous

We create comprehensive indices that provide access to differentiated sources of market risk. Arch indices are built top-down with methodology-fist approach. This means we follow an objective, transparent and rigorous approach to index construction and rebalancing.

Web3 is evolving rapidly, trendy tokens come and go, yet we build for the long-haul.


Our team

Chris Storaker


Nicolás Jaramillo


Diego Larraín


Luis de la Hoz

Software engineer

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Software engineer

Martín Ricci

Software engineer

Rodrigo Gaona

Solidity engineer

Anthony Chávez

Business development manager

Raimundo Llao

Product manager

Maximiliano Vargas

Software engineer

Eugina Chun


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